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Topic: Trauma informed practice

Trauma informed practice books

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Closing the Gap Clearinghouse

Trauma informed services and trauma-specific care for Indigenous Australian children 

Resource sheet no. 21 produced for the Closing the Gap Clearinghouse by Judy Atkinson (2013).

Although some Indigenous children grow up in safe environments, others experience trauma (ABS 2006, 2009; ABS & AIHW 2008; FaHCSIA 2011; Silburn et al. 2006). The trauma of historical events associated with colonisation of Indigenous land can pass to children (inter-generational trauma). Even if protected from the traumatic life experiences of family, some Indigenous children, like non-Indigenous children, directly experience trauma through exposure to an accident, family violence and abuse.

Although the effects of childhood trauma can be severe and long lasting, recovery can be mediated by appropriate interventions.

Mental Health Coordinating Council

Trauma Informed Care and Practice 

MHCC together with collaborating partners ASCA (Adults Surviving Child Abuse), ECAV (Education Centre against Violence) and PMHCCN Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network Australia are advocating for a cultural and philosophical shift to promote Trauma informed Care and Practice be adopted broadly across a range of service systems in Australia