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Apps for mobiles: App-based access to resources

Apps for mobile devicesPhoto of a hand holding a mobile phone

A wide range of products have app-based access. Included below is a selection of library and freely-available resources that offer app-based access. Some of the apps are freely available (no setup required). Apps associated with library resources often require you to setup a product-specific account that you use to login to the app. If you have questions or would like assistance with setting up the apps associated with library resources, please contact the library

Pharmaceutical & drug apps

eMIMSplusStyled 'e' and 'M' next to the word 'Plus' for eMimsPlus

To use the eMIMSplus app, you need to obtain a token from within the browser version of eMIMS Elite and then use the token to login to the app.

iMIMS/MIMS for Android

eMIMSplus is the latest app from MIMS and is the recommended app.
iMIMS/MIMS for Android is available should you need offline access to MIMS content. Please note that the iMIMS/MIMS for Android registration process and access token is separate to that for eMIMS Plus.

Therapeutic Guidelines

To access Therapeutic Guidelines on the app you need to obtain a login token. Detailed instructions are available in the guide.

Logo of ANZCA FPM Opioid CalculatorANZCA FPM Opioid Calculator

The ANZCA opioid equianalgesic calculator is a clinical tool simplifying the calculation of equianalgesia expressed as total oral morphine equivalent daily dose (oMEDD). Freely available app.

Austin Health Clinical Toxicology Guidelines 

Clinical guideline summaries related to toxicology detailing the risk assessment and initial management of many common poisonings and envenomations. Freely available app.

ACEP Toxicology Section Antidote App

The American College of Emergency Physicians Toxicology Section Antidote App provides access to dosing regimens for a variety of medications and antidotes used for common poisonings. Freely available app.


TOXBASE is the clinical toxicology database of the UK National Poisons Information Service, providing advice on the features and management of poisoning. Freely available app.

Point of Care Apps


To access UpToDate on the mobile up you need to register for an UpToDate account while on the SA Health network, and then use the account to login to the app. Detailed instructions are provided in the guide.


To use ClinicalKey on their app you will need to register for a ClinicalKey account and activate Remote Access. You can then login to the app using your ClinicalKey account. Detailed instructions are available in the guide. 

Lippincott AdvisorLippincott Advisor Logo

To use the Lippincott Advisor app you will need to access Lippincott Advisor and set up an account via the self enrol feature. You can then use your Lippincott account to login to the app. Detailed instructions are in the guide.

ThinksulinThinksulin app logo

Thinksulin provides information and decision support on blood glucose level targets, hypoglycaemia management, blood glucose monitoring, basal-bolus insulin regimen calculations, charting and dose review. Freely available app.

Clinical resource apps

Prevention TaskForcePrevention task force logo

The Prevention TaskForce app assists primary care clinicians to identify the screening, counseling, and preventive medication services that are appropriate for their patients. Freely available app.

Emergency Nurse Practitioner (RCH)RCH Emergency Nurse Practitioner logo

Emergency Nurse Practitioner by the RCH provides in-depth guides on paediatric assessment, common diagnostic findings, and important red flags to observe for in practice. Freely available app.

Paediatric Intensive Care (RCH)Paediatric Intensive Care logo

Paediatric Intensive Care provides access to essential clinical information that clinicians need to know to manage the wide spectrum of patients in cardiac and general intensive care units. Freely available app.

Clinical Guidelines (RCH)Clinical Guidelines logo

The Clinical Guidelines (RCH) app provides quality, up-to-date health information to assist clinicians providing health care to children and young people. Freely available app.

Advanced Paediatric Life SupportAPLS logo

The Advanced Paediatric Life Support app contains paediatric emergency algorithms produced by Advanced Paediatric Life Support, Australia, for medical professionals working in acute care. Freely available app.

Stat!RefStat!Ref logo

The Stat!Ref app provides easy access to their collection of medical reference works and EBMCalc. To use the app you will need to set up a Stat!Ref anywhere login account. Detailed instructions are available in the guide.

General apps

BrowZineBrowzine logo

BrowZine lets you discover, monitor and read scholarly journals on any device. To use BrowZine you will need to have a SA Health Library account.