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Regional Health – Nursing and Midwifery staff: Regional Health - Nursing and Midwifery staff

Regional Health - Nursing and Midwifery staff

This guide has been created for Regional Health nursing and midwifery staff, to facilitate access to Lippincott Procedures.

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Lippincott Procedures provides access to step-by-step guides for a wide range of procedures and skills, and is designed to support staff with clinical tasks. It is available to SA Health Regional Health staff.


Update to Lippincott Procedures app

A new version of the Lippincott Procedures app is now available to download from the Apple and Google Play stores. While you can download the new version of the app at any time, to ensure continuity of access please download the update before the 26th September 2023 (after that date you may experience problems with access, which can be resolved by downloading the new version of the app).  

Download via Apple or Google Play

Mobile app

To use the Lippincott Procedures mobile app you will need to register for a Lippincott Procedures account, in addition to your library account, and then use your Lippincott Procedures account to login to the app.

Register for a Lippincott Procedures account

  • Login to Lippincott Procedures using your library username and password.
  • Click Self Enrol
  • Complete the registration form
    Note! Use your email address as your username and your workplace for department (e.g. Port Pirie Hospital). 

Install the app

A more detailed guide to setting up and using the Lippincott Procedures app is available on the Lippincott Procedures Sharepoint.

Further information

Lippincott Procedures is managed by Regional Health. 

  • For education sessions, user guides and more information, visit the Lippincott Procedures Sharepoint
  • For assistance with setting up a Lippincott Procedures account, downloading procedures or setting up the app, please contact Laura Jennings.
  • For more information about the Rural Support Service, please contact Cathy Andrews.