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Reference Management Applications

Mendeley Reference Manager

Reference Manager is the newest reference management product from Mendeley. It is a desktop product used in conjunction with a login. Mendeley’s development efforts are now focused on Reference Manager. 

Mendeley Reference Manager allows you to: 

  • Store and organise your references
  • Insert references and bibliographies into a word processor document
  • Read, highlight and annotate PDFs with its integrated PDF viewer
  • Share references with others

Mendeley Desktop is still available for use but is now only updated when major bugs are identified. 

Mendeley Web has been replaced by Reference Manager. 

Mendeley Reference Manager has two adjunct products: Mendeley Cite and Web Importer.

Mendeley Cite is a word processor add-on that allows you to insert correctly formatted references and bibliography entries into your document. 

Web Importer is a browser extension that helps you to add references to your library including PDFs. 

Download Mendeley Reference Manager

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