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Standards: Australian Standards

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Bullseye-ish logo with Techstreet written next to itAustralian Standards

The SA Health Library Service provides access to Australian Standards through the Techstreet platform. 

To access Techstreet you will need to set up an account or profile the first time you use the platform. Once your Techstreet account has been setup, you will be able to login and access Australian Standards. 

Setting up a Techstreet account

To access Techstreet you will need to setup a personal account.

Account troubleshooting tips

  • Techstreet accounts were automatically set up for some SA Health staff members. If you try to register and receive an error message "email address already in use" (or similar), please go directly to the login link as you already have an account set up for you. You will be able to setup a new password for your account as part of the login process by following the reset password prompts. 

Downloading and using standards

To view standards you will need:

Note that both Adobe and the FileOpen plug-in come preinstalled on all SA Health computers. 

Accessing ISO and other standards

Our subscription to Techstreet includes automatic access to all Australian Standards. If you need an ISO standard, or other standard that is not automatically included in our subscription, you can make a request for access from within the Techstreet platform.