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Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs subject guide

Substance abuse and addiction treatment journals

Core eBooks

Neuroimaging in Addiction
Bryon Adinoff and Elliot A. Stein

Substance Use and Older People
Ilana Crome and Peter Crome

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For more books and other resources on alcohol and other drugs, find us at: 

Ground Floor
Admin and & Learning Services Building
Glenside Health Services Campus

2 Karrayarta Drive 
Glenside SA 5065

Open Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm
Phone: 7087 1201

The print collection is open to the public.


More resources

National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction NCETA
(Flinders University) 

National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre NDARC
(University of New South Wales)

National Drug Research Institute NDRI
(Curtin University)

Drug and alcohol research connections - joint publication of NCETA, NDARC and NDRI 

Matilda Centre
(University of Sydney)

‚ÄčATODA Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Association (ACT)

ADANT Association of Alcohol and Other Drug Agencies NT

NADA Network of Alcohol & Other Drug Agencies (NSW)

QNADA Queensland Network of Alcohol and Drug Agencies

SANDAS South Australian Network of Drug and Alcohol Services

ATDC The Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs Council of Tasmania

VAADA Victorian Alcohol & Drug Association

WANADA Western Australian Network of Alcohol & Other Drug Agencies