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Systematic Reviews

Systematic review services: Role of a librarian

Stages of the systematic review Nikki May 
Stages of the systematic review process for the librarian collaborator; with useful links and resources provided for each stage.

Authorship standards

Critical skills training in appraisal for librarians - Booth and Brice 2004 
Critical appraisal checklist - Glynn 2006 
Roles for librarians in systematic reviews 2018 
Maden and Kotas.Evaluating approaches to quality assessment in library and information Science LIS systematic reviews: a methodology review 2016 (downloadable document)  

Comment on searching not using library staff

Greyson D, Rafferty E, Slater L, MacDonald N, Bettinger JA, Dube E, et al. Systematic review searches must be systematic, comprehensive, and transparent: a critique of Perman et al. BMC Public Health 2019;19(1):153. Available:

…By consulting a research librarian, we identified limitations in the search terms, the number and type of databases, and the screening methods used by Perman et al. Using a revised Ovid MEDLINE search strategy, we identified an additional 1016 records in that source alone, and highlighted relevant literature on the organization and delivery of school-based immunization program that was omitted as a result. We argue that a number of the literature gaps noted by Perman et al. may well be addressed by existing literature found through a more systematic and comprehensive search and screening strategy. We commend both the journal and the authors, however, for their transparency in supplying information about the search strategy and providing open access to peer reviewer and editor's comments, which enabled us to understand the reasons for the limitations of that review. (expert searching 12-2-19)

PubMed record:

Morris M, Boruff JT, Gore GC. Scoping reviews: establishing the role of the librarianJ Med Libr Assoc. 2016;104(4):346-354.