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Welcome to journal clubs made easy

Welcome to journal clubs made easy! 

On this page we are collecting resources for you to easily run a journal club. Whether the journal club you are running is your idea or has been handed over to you, we hope these resources will make the process easier for you.

The SA Health Library Service currently supports the Allied and Scientific Health Office journal club - Allied Health staff click here for more information.

Using BrowZine to find Articles

BrowZine is a current contents awareness product that allows you to keep track of your favourite journal titles and link through to full text articles from your mobile device or your computer.

Browzine on your desktop

Browzine mobile app (see under General Apps)

BrowZine for Journal Clubs

Visit from a computer. Click on the cog in the top right corner. Under the heading BrowZine Account click on the Login link on the right of Login to BrowZine. This will take you to a login page, but down the bottom there is a link to Sign Up. You do not have to use your SA Health email to register.

Once you are logged in search for journals that are specific to your specialty or that you would like to discuss with your journal club. You can search by title or keyword.

Once you have found a journal that is relevant click on the title of the journal to visit the journal's BrowZine page. On the left side of the screen you will see a Add to My Bookshelf button. Click this to add the journal to your collection. You can also see similar journals by looking under the Browse Related Subjects heading on the lower left side of the page.

From this page you can also browse the contents of the journal going through past issues. If you find an article that you would like to look at further or would like to read later click on the dropdown arrow on the right side of the page. This will present you with four icons. The first allows you to read fulltext which you can also do by clicking on the title of the article. The second is Save to My Articles.

To access saved articles click on My Articles. Saved articles and journals are synchronised between devices that you have logged in on. This allows you to read articles from your mobile devices.

You can manage your journals by visiting the My Bookshelf page. On this page you can manage your journals by sorting them into Bookcases and Shelves. Set up a new Bookcase for your journal club. This will let you move all your Journal Club journals to the same location.

Useful Journal Club Links

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