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Temporary Known Issue


Known Issue:  The Renal Drug Database - Incorrect Password Attempts

We are aware that users may be experiencing issues with The Renal Drug Database account being locked out due to incorrect passwords being entered.

***Please access the Renal Drug Database via the Medicines Information or Library website for the most recent username and password details before entering***

The SA Health Library Service are currently working on resolving the problem. Thank you for your patience.  21/02/2024



CREATININE/UREA – pattern/percentage change. Creatinine does not necessarily need to be above the normal range for a significant change in renal function  

AGE, HEIGHT, WEIGHT – creatinine clearance decreases by ~10mL/min with every 10y of age. Anticipated maximum creatinine clearance for a 70y old will be 70mL/min

DIALYSIS –  what type, specific dialysis machine if known, timing of medications in relation to dialysis

CREATININE – ensure no hepato-renal syndrome/renal impairment if using medications which are renally cleared

THERAPEUTIC INDEX & DURATION OF USE – assists dose recommendations

NEPHROTOXICITY – hold/suspend any non-essential medications which could have caused nephrotoxicity

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